Shannon Ryan talks to 'nemesis' Sam Wallace about their beef on 'Celebrity Treasure Island'

Shannon Ryan – one of the strongest competitors on the island – was sadly illuminated from Celebrity Treasure Island in last night’s penultimate episode.

She caught up with Celebrity Treasure Island co-star Sam Wallace, along with Toni Street and Laura McGoldrick to talk about the beef between her and her former Kahu team member.

They took a few swipes at each other over their game-play strategy, with Shannon pointing out that Sam was the one who kept putting her up for elimination after he accused her of “jumping ship”.

However, they agreed that they were quite on a similar level as competitors, with Shannon winning the elimination challenges, while Sam was taking out the individual challenges.

“We were really winning,” Shannon said, “and honestly we played the game two different ways, and we’ve obviously both gone through into finals week and it worked out better for Sam than it has for me so far.”

“But you know, after watching it I am impressed, Sam, with how you’ve navigated the,” she continued.

“I take my hat off to you”, Sam said responding to Shannon’s compliment. “The way you played the game near the end there … you’re a hell of a competitor, mate.

Shannon also revealed why she gave the majority of her clues to Shane Cameron and only one to Sam.

“Shane, he actually gave me some really comforting words a few days into my four elimination back-to-back battle,” Shannon explained. “It struck a chord with me and I really wanted him to have a good chance to win it too.”

Too bad Sam and Shannon couldn’t have battled it out in the final …

Instead, Sam will be going head to head against Gary 'The Wiz' Freeman and Shane Cameron in the final episode of Celebrity Treasure Island – airing 7.30 pm tonight on TVNZ2.

Make sure you tune into the Laura, Sam and Toni Facebook page at 7.30 pm where they will be live-streaming a viewing party!

Sam shared the "interview" with Mike Hosking about his time on Celebrity Treasure Island  – watch it below, it will really make you giggle!