The one thing worse than your partner cheating on you ...

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Monday, 7 August 2017, 11:11AM

Being cheated on by the one you love can be completely devastating.

But research has discovered that cheating isn’t always the worst thing your partner can do to you.

According to a new study out of the US, one-third of Americans feel that their partner lying about money is more of a betrayal than infidelity.

This morning Sarah, Sam and Toni asked listeners to give their two cents on the topic and while the general consensus was evenly divided, one caller shared a story that was absolutely heartbreaking.

Caller Tess revealed that she thinks "financial deception is 10-times worse" because of an awful situation that happened to her friend.

Tess explained how her hard working friend - who had bought and almost paid off her own house while she was single - met a man she thought would be the love of her life but ended up stabbing her in the back.

"[She] married him, they had two kids together," Tess said, "but down the road, he went behind her back, mortgaged the house to buy a business that went bust."

"He didn’t tell her where the funds came from. [He] hid everything from her and she had no idea until the bank foreclosed on their house."

"She lost her house," Tess continued, "She had it pretty much almost paid off by herself and had it before she even married him – but he was such a fraudster. [He] left her with two kids, nowhere to live."

"Fortunately, her family stepped in and helped her out, but she’s still struggling today and, rightly so, does not trust men at all."

Whether it’s cheating or financial treachery – both are a complete betrayal of trust.

Which do you think is worse?