The 'shocking' thing Toni Street discovered during her son's 30 week scan

Toni Street’s unborn baby has reached a new milestone having his 30-week scan done.

The baby boy – who is due in August via surrogate Sophie Braggins – displayed some attributes that Toni’s two other children - Juliette, 5, and Mackenzie, 3 - didn’t have when they were born … Hair!


"The big thing to come out of the baby scan was - which was quite shocking and different to my first two babies - the lady kept going, 'Wow! This boy's got a lot of hair'," Toni explained.

"It had like a little mohawk! And both my girls were like bald babies!"

Sam joked that maybe there was a switch-a-roo with the embryo they implanted, but Toni is fairly sure her son’s bold line of hair is all thanks to her husband, Matt’s "Greek genes infiltrating".


We can’t wait to meet the little boy and his full head of hair in 9 weeks time!