These are the WORST things people do at the gym according to a Personal Trainer

Publish Date
Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 12:00PM

There is a certain etiquette when it comes to using the gym and we’ve all probably come across someone breaking those unspoken (and spoken) rules.

Personal Trainer Sonjia – from Coda Kinect Fitness – shared her top five Professional Peeves with Sarah, Sam and Toni and revealed some of the big no-nos when it comes to working out.

Read these words of wisdom carefully, because you don’t want to end up being ANY of these people:

5. The Know-It-All

There are some gym-goers who are convinced that they know everything. But more often than not they’re actually working out in a way that could end up doing some serious damage.

Personal Trainers are the experts and it’s their job to help someone work out effectively and safely. So the next time a trainer comes over to you and shows you how to do something correctly, don’t get defensive - listen to them! They know what they’re talking about!

4. The Weight Dropper

You know the one ... The tough guy who throws his weights down to the ground - making a huge clanging noise - once he’s finished doing some reps.

According to Sonjia, this isn’t really a sign of strength, but actually an indicator that the weights they're using are FAR too heavy for them. She suggests going down a weight level and having more control and good technique as it will actually give you a better overall workout - and stop you from looking like a try-hard.

3. The Bad Hygiene Keeper

It’s good to work up a sweat at the gym ... but if you’re going to sweat all over everything please be conscientious of hygiene.

You don’t want to be the grossy who leaves the machines all sweaty or doesn’t clean off before using the sauna. Seriously, there are spray bottles and showers at the gym for a reason.

2. The Irresponsible Plate-Weight User

It’s a simple rule, if you’re strong enough to lift a plate weight onto a machine, then you’re strong enough to put it back properly.

Being that person who loads up an exercise machine with insanely heavy plate weights, only to leave them there for the next person to struggle with isn’t cool. Neither is leaving them leaning on walls or scattered on the floor – it won’t be fun if they end up landing on your toe!

1. The Poser

These days gym-selfies are EVERYWHERE. And while Sonjia says she has no problem with people showing off their progress or taking a sneaky snap in the mirror for Instagram, there’s nothing worse than someone hogging the machine just so they can have a photo shoot rather than ACTUALLY working out.

So if you’re spending more time looking at your phone rather than doing reps, you ain’t doing it right.