This simple test will tell you what body type you are - and it's amazingly accurate!

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 1:00PM

Who knew our body could actually tell us so much about yourself?

Sarah, Sam and Toni delved into the fascinating world of Epigenetics – which focuses on how our individual genetic makeup can impact our health and wellbeing.

According to Epigenetics, there are six Biotype categories - The Crusader, The Diplomat, The Guardian, The Connector, The Activator and The Sensor – that represent a broad set of common genetic traits.

These body types tell us a lot about what we should be eating and how we should be exercising depending on which category we fall in – and also points out some scarily accurate personality traits.


Here are some of the characteristics of each Biotype – which one represents you the best?

The Crusader characteristics

1. Influencing hormones: Dopamine.
2. Focused and always on a mission. Goal orientated. 
3. Ready, fire, aim approach to life. 
4. Responds well to endurance exercise and light weights.
5. Responds well to high carb diets and regular meals. 
6. Is motivated by personal improvement and status.

The Diplomat characteristics

1. Influencing hormones: Serotonin and growth hormone. 
2. Requires time and space.
3. Thinks ... before action. Ready, aim, fire. Calculated. 
4. Responds well to heavy resistance work and low-intensity cardio. Large frames.
5. Responds well to Intermittent fasting and large meals. 
6. Is motivated by personal goals with adequate time.

The Guardian characteristics

1. Influencing hormones: Prolactin.
2. Designed to conserve and protect. 
3. The ultimate nurturer.
4. Responds well to heavy strength work and low-intensity cardio.
5. Responds well to a vegetarian based diet. 
6. Is motivated by family and commitment.

The Connector characteristics

1. Influencing hormones: Oxytocin.
2. Wants to connect and build trust.
3. Let's just do it ... together. 
4. Responds well to ANY form of exercise at most times of the day.
5. Responds well to social eating with moderate protein and carbohydrate intake. 
6. Is motivated by being part of the team.

The Activator characteristics

1. Influencing hormones: Adrenaline and Testosterone.
2. Looks for risk, challenge and competition.
3. Do first, think later. Fire! 
4. Responds well to HIIT (High-intensity interval training).
5. Responds well to small regular meals. 
6. Is motivated by competition and challenge.

The Sensor characteristics

1. Influencing hormones: Nor-adrenaline.
2. Always mentally alert.
3. Aware of everything.
4. Responds well to Yoga, ballet and Tai Chi.
5. Responds well to well cooked, regular meals. 
6. Is motivated by rules and common sense.

So, key takeaway. You are unique. So your health plan should be too.

Would you like to know your Biotype? Take the three-minute quiz and find out now!