Toni Street calls out 3-year-old daughter's 'not good' artwork and it's something every parent can relate to

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 10:00AM

If they’re honest, all parents will admit that not every piece of artwork their darling little ones bring home from kindergarten is a master piece.

And this is the exact predicament Toni Street has found herself in with her 3-year-old daughter Mackenzie, who is bringing home a new painting every day for a special space on the fridge.

"Sometimes it goes on the fridge and sometimes it, unfortunately, ends up in the recycling bin," Toni admitted.

She went on to reveal how it's gotten to a point where Mickey anything can make it up onto the honoured place on the fridge, even if it's not "good".

"Last week she comes home with a little circle," Toni explained. "She’s handed it over, and said 'I made this for you mummy' and I said 'Aww, what is it?'"

"An Octopus," Mickey replied ... This is when Toni's inner thoughts ran wild.

"No, it isn’t, that’s not an octopus," exclaimed on air. "There [are] no legs on it, you’ve done a circle and just gone 'this is a special piece of artwork'."

"I didn’t say that to her … but this is not good artwork," Toni continued. "We need to tell her the difference between something special and something that she’s probably picked up off the floor and gone 'have this mum'."

"It’s on the fridge currently, but I think I’m going home today to take it off because we have standards and Mikey, you’re not meeting them," she joked.