Toni Street can't BELIEVE Sam Wallace's plan to block out the sound of his baby crying at night

Sam Wallace is absolutely loving being a dad to his three-week-old son … he’s even enjoying changing nappies!

But when it comes to getting a full night’s sleep, he’s battling a little bit.

However, Sam says has found a solution to being woken up by his baby boy Brando – Bose earbuds.

The earplugs play soothing sounds and block out a baby’s crying … leaving the night duty solely to his partner, Sarah Bowman.

Although, Toni Street wasn’t so convinced on the idea and suggested that maybe it wasn’t fair that Sam not have to get in the night at all.

"I feel like you have the most understanding partner in the world," Toni told Sam. "You have a three-week-old baby, can’t you just get up and hack it like the rest of us?"

"[It’s] part of being in the trenches together, you’re there to support each other, you get up when they scream …"

And it seems many other Kiwi parents agreed with Toni, saying Sam needed to step up during the midnight hours.

"I’m with Toni," one father of five messaged in, "I drive logging trucks and usually start around 2.30am, I still helped out with the upbringing of our children and also cooked dinner when I got home so my wife could rest, so Sam, man up dude."

"No, no, no, Sam," another wrote in, "Every parent needs to share responsibility."

However, some took Sam’s side, saying that what he "is doing is acceptable".

"I wouldn’t expect my husband to help all night if he has gone back to work," one woman noted. "But when he’s not working, it’s fair game!"

What do you think? Is Sam being unreasonable?