Toni Street gives us video tour of her baby boy’s super sweet nursery

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Saturday, 11 August 2018, 8:30AM

Toni Street is officially on maternity leave and with her baby boy arriving before his due date at 1.30pm on Thursday this week, she has given us all a tour of the adorable nursery she will be bringing him home to.

"I was so excited to just be able to use the 'boyish' colours," Street told the Weekend Herald in a Focus video shot before he son was born, noting the deep blues and greys decorating the wee room.

The baby – who is being brought into the world via surrogate Sophie Braggins – has a nursery that sports a distinct animal theme, thanks to Toni’s animal-loving daughters Juliette, 5, and Mackenzie 3, who helped with choosing the look.

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"The cot was decorated by my two girls," Street explained, pointing out the fluffy toy dogs that her daughters had donated to their baby brother. "The girls are into the pups."

The animal patterns continue from the walls into her little one’s wardrobe too, and it is clear Toni has already been dreaming of her baby boy’s future.

"This is slightly embarrassing … this is for a four-year-old boy, and this here is for a three-year-old," she tells Sarah Gandy as she shows her around the nursery. "Do you think I'm prepared enough?"

We definitely think you are Toni and we’re sure your son will love his new room!