Toni Street is panicking over her surrogate Sophie Braggins' Braxton Hicks

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018, 2:00PM

The countdown is on for the arrival of Toni Street’s baby boy via surrogate – but there’s a chance he could make an appearance earlier than expected.

Toni revealed that her surrogate Sophie Braggins had been experiencing Braxton Hicks - also known as practice contractions - and it’s made the mum of two go into a little bit of a panic on if she would be able to fly down to Taranaki – where Sophie lives and the birth is taking place – in time if her son DID decide to come early.

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There’s really only one solution if that does happen … to enlist the help of former All Black star Richie McCaw and his helicopter for a quick flight down!

Let’s hope that the little angel decides to make his way into the world when Toni and her family are down there to greet him. Fingers crossed!

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