Toni Street reveals her puppy dilemma after chaotic escape involving her baby boy

Things have been a bit chaotic in the Street household …

Toni found herself in quite the predicament when some friends stayed at her house with their new puppy Benji.

While letting the puppy outside to play in his pen, the cute lil critter managed to escape out onto the street while the mum-of-three was holding her soon-to-be-six-month-old baby boy, Lachie.

What a dilemma!

So, not wanting her friend’s puppy to get hit by a car, Toni did the only thing she thought she could – popped her wee boy down on the grass berm and ask her 3-year-old daughter Mackenzie to watch out for him, while she chased after the pup.

But the chaos didn’t stop there … Benji ended up pouncing on little Lachie!

Even though she was able to eventually wrangle the puppy and everyone was fine in the end, Toni admits she feels like she’s now “the joke” of her street.

Poor Toni! ... Watch her explain the story herself above.