Toni Street reveals the 'desperate' moment she LOST her daughters at the mall

Publish Date
Friday, 22 February 2019, 11:30AM

It’s that moment that every parent absolutely dreads - and it happened to Toni Street!

While at the mall, the mother of three explained on air this morning, her youngest daughter Mackenzie was desperate to go to the bathroom.

However, Toni was in the middle of finishing up a transaction at Country Road and couldn’t rush out to take her darling 3-year-old to the toilet, just two doors down.

Thankfully Toni’s eldest daughter, 6-year-old Juliette offered to take her sister.

After finishing up at the shop Toni headed over to the ladies’ toilets to meet up with her two little girls … but they were nowhere to be seen and that’s when panic set in!

"I’m literally on my hands and knees in the toilets checking all the cubicles," Toni said.

"I had to, it was desperate times … I’d lost my children."

Toni then even checked the male lavatory … no luck.

Thankfully, Toni was soon reunited with her girls who were with one of Toni’s good friends on the otherwise of the mall.

They had apparently been at the information desk, Toni’s friend revealed.

"I didn’t see them," Toni’s friend recounted, "I just heard them say 'our mum’s Toni Street and we’re lost!'"

"So I was seconds away from having my name broadcast to the mall that I’d lost my children."

"And now because my kids are both sassy monkeys they are telling everyone who will listen ‘mum lost us yesterday’ … thanks, guys,” Toni joked.

We’re glad everything worked out! Watch above to see how it all unfolded.