Toni Street reveals the exact moment her baby Lachie turned into mischievous toddler

Children get so big so fast that it often leaves parents wondering "where did my little baby go?".

Well, Toni Street says she can pinpoint the exact moment her son Lachie, went from being her "sweet bubba boy" to a mischievous little toddler.

Sharing the hilarious story with her breakfast show co-hosts Laura McGoldrick and Sam Wallace, Toni explained that the incident happened while they were away on a family holiday in Noosa, Australia.

It turns out her 14-month-old managed to get into the bathroom so he could do a little "cleaning" in the toilet.

"I walk into the bathroom and I’m like, 'yep, wow he’s really advanced this time'. He’s actually taken the toilet brush and he is literally scrubbing the bowl," Toni said.

"On closer inspection, he was scrubbing the bowl but he was not scrubbing the bowl with the toilet brush.

"He had grabbed mummy’s hairbrush and he was scrubbing the bowl and flicking the contents everywhere."

To make matters worse it was the one brush Toni had with her on holiday. So instead of throwing it away, she tried her best to disinfect it so she could use it again.

"So my boy Lachie has officially turned from a baby to a toddler because no baby could think to get mama’s hairbrush and clean the toilet," she concluded.

It seems like Lachie may have gotten a head start on the terrible twos …