Toni Street STORMED OUT of the studio and the reason why will make you giggle

Toni Street stormed out of the studio this morning thanks to the immature antics of Sam Wallace and Boss Todd.

While trying to give her review for the amazing Disney musical Aladdin – which is showing at the Civic Theatre in Auckland until March 3 – the lads turned Toni’s description of the 'Cave of Wonders' rather rude.

"Why must I be surrounded by …" Toni said in response to their cheeky jokes. "There are people who want to know what it was like and you two are …"

At first she tried to preserve through the dirty jokes, but finally, Toni had enough of all the innuendos – which saw Sam literally rolling on the floor laughing.

"I’m out, I’m out!" Toni said as she took her headphones out and left the studio.

"She’s walked out! We’ve had a walkout!" Boss Todd exclaimed before lumping the blame on Sam for the crudeness. "This is the thing with you Wallace; your immaturity has no bounds."

Thankfully after a text from Sam's mum, Judy Wallace – who put Sam in his place, because she actually wanted to hear the review of the stage show – Toni finally was able to explain how spectacular Aladdin really was.

Watch Toni Street's review of Aladdin below: