Toni Street's 5-year-old daughter did during her school speech will make you laugh

Publish Date
Thursday, 2 August 2018, 2:30PM

Sometimes jokes can go a little too far …

This is exactly what happened during Toni Street’s eldest daughter’s speech at school.

Juliette proudly told her class about the upcoming arrival of her baby brother – who is due to be born via surrogate in just two weeks – but things took an unexpected turn.

As a punch line to her speech, the 5-year-old took out a chocolate filled 'dirty' nappy, stating that it will be her little sister Mackenzie who will have to clean up the stinky diapers.

"She grabs the nappy, she opens the nappy and it looks like poop but it’s actually chocolate in the nappy, so all the kids go 'eww', but then she goes 'it’s only chocolate' and they all laugh," Toni explained.

"And that’s all good and that would have been fine. But no, no, no, no, my child has to take it just a step too far."

"Juliette decides to really ram that point home and she starts LICKING THE NAPPY!"

"You could all tell they were a bit horrified when she got the tongue out," Toni said.