Toni Street's unfortunate 'Seven Sharp' wardrobe malfunction: 'They were not my nipples!'

Toni Street experienced an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on Seven Sharp that has left the New Zealand public very confused.

Talking about the ordeal on air this morning with co-hosts Laura McGoldrick and Sam Wallace, Toni explained: "When I was on Seven Sharp I put on an outfit with my dear stylist and it looked fantastic standing up …"

"But when you sat down there were two darts underneath my breast area that ended up looking like big old saggy nips."

Sam Wallace pointed out that the awkward placement of the darts did make Toni’s bosom appear "udder-y".

Toni agreed, adding: "It looks like I had giant breast with these giant nipples and I feel like I have to clear up that they were not my nipples!"

"There are still people this morning saying 'ah I hate to point this out but your nipples are really big and saggy' … No, they’re not mine!"

Thankfully, Toni can see the funny side of it all, saying "I love it when my boobs get talked about. In fact, I think this is the first time it’s happened, so it’s great times."

On social media, some Kiwis seemed genuinely baffled by the dress.

"But are those your actual nipples?" one confused viewer asked. "They look too big and in the wrong place?"

"Aren't your nipples in the wrong place, if not you need a more supportive bra. No offence,” another added.

Others, however, joke about the obvious outfit mishap.

"Yep had to say those are like cow udders," another wrote, adding that they could tell that the weird shape "obviously" came from the dress and not Toni.

"Must've been cold over there," joked another.

Meanwhile, others came to Toni’s defence, saying she should "get an award for working that dress".

"Geeze, Toni you could wear a sack and still ROCK," one Toni fan wrote online.