What this Heartbreak Island winner will do with his share of $100k will warm your heart

Publish Date
Thursday, 12 July 2018, 1:00PM

Heartbreak Island couple Harry and Georgia took away the top prize of $100k - and what they're planning on doing with their winnings has been a hot topic.

This morning Harry surprised Sarah Sam and Toni after he revealed that he wants to use a portion of his new-found fortune to help homeless people. How sweet and charitable is that?!

Harry and Georgia also revealed that while they were loved up on the show, they couldn't make their Trans-Tasman romance last. However, they say they're still good friends and will split the cash equally.

Meanwhile, with the announcement that there will be a second season of Heartbreak Island, producer Lulu is keen to give it a go.

She got some top advice from Harry and Georgia who said she should definitely go for it.

"Try your luck baby, do it!" Georgia said.

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