What would YOU do if you caught someone you know cheating on their partner? Stay silent or spill?

It might be most of the most awkward and anxiety-inducing predicaments to end up in … What to do if you see someone you know cheating.

Do you tell their partner? Do you confront them? Do you just say nothing?

Laura, Sam and Toni discussed this very spicy topic and what they do if they would do in that situation.

Kiwi callers also weighed in with their own experiences, including those who lost friends after they spilt the beans, and others who WISHED their friends had told them their husband was having an affair.

What would you do?

Meanwhile, the crew also asked if someone is a cheater, will they always be a cheater?

Several honest Kiwis opened up about the times they had cheated or been cheated on and what happened for them afterwards.

Watch below to hear their confessions: