Laura McGoldrick 'can't cope' with the adorable new title her 17-month-old baby girl has given her

Laura McGoldrick has discovered a new level of joy and love she has for her baby girl Harley, and it’s taken her a bit by surprise.

"There [are] so many wonderful things that happen when you become a mum," Laura said on air. "Your life changes in so many wonderful ways."

"But for some reason, this one thing has made me really feel like a mum lately and it’s so little, I never even thought it would happen … but Harley has started calling me 'mummy'," she said about her darling daughter who turned one in October last year.

"And for some reason, my heart just flips and I can’t cope and I’m like, 'I am your mummy, hot damn!'"

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Mother-of-three Toni Street completely concurred with what Laura was feeling.

"I get that," she said. "There are certain words when they call you, or certain intonations of their voice and it just makes you absolutely melt."

Laura also noted that as much as she loves her new title, she is a little fearful of when it might go away.

"It also crossed my mind how devastated I’m going to be when she decides to just call me mum," Laura said.

Hopefully, Harley will be calling Laura 'mummy' for some time to come!