Matilda Green opens up about how she 'stayed calm' during baby Milo's home birth

Matilda Green gave birth to her baby boy Milo earlier this year – and boy, he’s a cutie!

The former-Bachelor star made the decision to welcome her first child into the world at home and now the new mum has opened up to Toni Street and Sam Wallace about the details of her birthing story and what drove her to choose to give birth in her living room.

When Toni asked what gave her the confidence to "nail" a home birth and "breathe through it", Matilda revealed that not giving into "fear" was a big part of her decision.

"I didn’t want to make any decision on where I was going to birth Milo out of fear," Matilda explained. "I knew personally if I decided to birth in a hospital that that would be a decision out of fear of 'what if' and I personally didn’t want to do that."

"I had a healthy pregnancy, I was healthy at the time of due date so I just thought, well, I’m going to feel the safest and most calm at home and we did a bunch of research on home births," she continued, revealing how she prepared for the labour.

"I did calm birth courses - I practised breathing techniques every day for like, 10 weeks – and the breathing techniques got me through. I stayed pretty calm throughout the whole thing, apart from right at the end, that’s when it sort of a little harder to stay calm.

"But yeah, it was incredible, it was really awesome. It was a beautiful experience."

Matilda also added that she feels it's important for women to share their positive birthing stories and not just the "scary" ones to help stop mums-to-be feel anxious about giving birth.

"I think it’s important to talk about positive birth stories as well," she said, "because going into getting pregnant I was terrified of birth. I was like, 'oh my god I’ve got to go through labour' because I’ve heard so many scary stories.

"But then I thought, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are positive ones too."

Amazing! Good on you, Matilda!

The new mum has also just released her new book, The Feel Good Guide, in which she shares her "tips on meditation, gratitude, nutrition, movement, your environment and how these all play a big part in your self-esteem".

Watch Matilda’s full interview above and click here to check out The Feel Good Guide.

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