Pinterest Picks: Healthy brews and an addictive new TV show

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018, 11:30AM

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Check out this week's top picks:

Sarah's Pick: Moon Juices

When Sarah was in the states earlier this year one of the BIG things there is Moon Juice - which is the powders Gwyneth Paltrow puts in her smoothies. There’s a big buzz around adaptogens especially - natural ways to fight things like stress. BUT it’s really expensive in New Zealand…

BUT good news. Sarah's found the NZ equivalent!

Misty Day Brews.

The one Sarah is currently using at the moment is the Beauty Brew. It contains Marine Collagen and a whole bunch of amino acids, which provide your body with the raw ingredients to make new skin. 

Another favourite of Sarah's is the Organic Japanese Matcha. Matcha is jam packed full of antioxidants including catechins that beat off the free radicals that can cause damage to our skin.

And Amla - a tiny little fruit that bats above the average in the vitamin C scores. It has about 5 times more vitamin C than oranges.

They have all kinds of “brews” or powders - they have a lovers powder, a detox powder, a bliss brew - things for focus, anxiety, general well being - they also do the mushroom coffee alternatives which are becoming a thing.

Sam's Pick: Succession

This is a cracker.

Made by HBO and featuring on Soho at the moment. It’s about a media mogul who is about to hand over the reins to his entitled children… he changes his mind and then has a whopping heart attack… then all hell breaks loose.

Sam is hooked!


Toni's Pick: Roxy Long Sleeve Togs

If you can’t face skimpy togs in the winter, this is the swimsuit for you!

It's perfect if you have kids for swimming lessons or body boarding at the beach ... so your boobs don’t accidentally pop out!

The best part? It's really slimming!

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