Sam Wallace's real life face-swap with Toni Street will blow you away!

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

We are definitely seeing double! Sam Wallace decided he wanted to see if he could dress up and look like Toni Street, because … well, why not?

The Hits Breakfast show with Laura McGoldrick, Sam Wallace and Toni Street, Sam took up the challenge for a morning and it turned out the transformation was alarmingly convincing.

At first, Sam said: "We don't really know why we are doing this."

But then Toni called him out saying, "Don't say 'we', because this is your idea!"

"It's just an interesting concept, I wanted to do a real-life face swap," Sam said.

And interesting it was!

After undergoing a few hours of hair and makeup by Kiwi artist Hazel Paints, Sam stepped out as Toni Street for a "really weird" photoshoot with ... Toni Street.

Watch the incredible transformation video below:

This article was first published on Spy and is republished here with permission.