Toni Street reveals her bizarre medical misdiagnosis and you won't believe what it is!

Publish Date
Monday, 20 November 2017, 1:00PM

Toni Street had the worst day last week after she was given an STD diagnosis.

But wait, it's not what you think!

Toni revealed that during a routine blood test for her autoimmune disease Churg-Strauss syndrome - a bizarre diagnosis popped up for syphilis.

However - unlike a lady of the night from the 1800s - Toni DOES NOT actually have the sexually transmitted infection.

In fact, the "positive" syphilis diagnosis is thanks to a weird side effect with her autoimmune disease that gives off a false read.

Unfortunately, her specialist doctor was unaware of this tendency for misdiagnosis and Toni became really "freaked out" when he requested she come in for a face-to-face consultation think that it was something far worse.

Thankfully there was nothing to worry about and Toni is completely in the clear! Phew!