Toni Street's baby boy Lachie learnt a new word and it's hilariously inappropriate

Toni Street's baby boy Lachie has learnt a new word … and well, this one's a little inappropriate.

The tiny tot - who Toni says has yet to master words such as "food" or "cat" - has taken to saying the word "boobies".

"Some words you can’t celebrate," Toni said explaining the hilarious addition to Lachie’s vocabulary.

"I actually felt it before I heard it … I got a poke in the 'boobie' … and I don’t call it that but he does," she said.

"He poked my breast and said 'boobie'!"

To make matters more confusing is that neither Toni nor her husband uses the term, which has to lead the mother-of-three to wonder where Lachie heard it.

"I had to wrack my brain and I thought, 'where would this 17-month-old child get that word from?'" she continued.

"And then I thought, 'who did he hang out with all day? Oh, that’s right, Brando-bloody-Wallace!'"

"Wow, I can’t believe I’m getting blamed for this," Sam Wallace replied, insisting that his son Brando doesn’t say "boobie".

"I always suspected that your son would bring my son down, and it’s happened," Toni joked.

"The corruption is only just beginning," Sam replied.

Oh, dear!