Toni Street's four-year-old daughter pulls 'cheeky' Halloween 'trick' and it's embarrassingly hilarious

Toni Street and her family have been getting into the Halloween spirit.

... But it seems her four-year-old daughter took things a little too far with a 'cheeky' Halloween 'trick'.

While putting up Halloween decorations, Toni says he husband made the critical mistake of asking their little girl Mackenzie what she would do as a "trick" if she give out a "treat" to someone knocking on their door.

Mackenzie decided it would be easier to show her parents what trick she would pull rather than just telling them and what happened next is something no one expected!

"So at that point, she said: 'I'd just do this, Dad', and she pulls up her nighty and she does a 'brown eye' to the street," Toni said recounting the hilarious story to her co-hosts Laura McGoldrick and Sam Wallace.

"Unfortunately for us, one of our neighbours was driving down the street at the same time that she pulls a 'brown eye' to the street," Toni continued.

"So our little girl's flashing with her All Blacks nighty, her a big white little rear end at our neighbour [who] absolutely saw."

"You know what they're thinking," Laura said after hearing Toni's story, "they're thinking: 'How has that young lady, that four-year-old, young wee girl learnt how to do a 'brown eye'? It could only come from Toni Street'".

Poor Toni!