Applying mascara can be dangerous for relationships

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Monday, 13 June 2016, 3:34PM

This is where I stand to apply my mascara, ooohhh look at all the glorious natural light, good spot!


You'll see to the right - my man's hat wall. Being someone who doesn't really grow hair any more this array of hats are like my collection of shoes, each one important for some reason or other. Don't question the guy and his hats!

Turns out when some of my fly away, fine hair, crosses my face while I'm attempting to apply mascara in glorious natural light position I mindlessly brush it away with mascara wand in hand, which occasionally makes contact with one of said hats to the right!! Opps!

Ok, turns out, MORE than once....twice and counting.


This one is freshly washed and despite my attempts to hide such silly actions, the other half saw the evidence today.

His only question "Why do you do this?" #frownyface #checksallhats. Walks away looking suss.

It would seem my wing span is a little larger than expected during 'get hair outta face' situations.

Note to self....stand somewhere else to apply mascara to avoid many frowny faces. 

Second note to self.....facewash also works to get mascara off hats

So it's all good really. Really?! 


What little things rock the boat with your other half?

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