Being neighbourly - Good karma, No drama

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Thursday, 22 September 2016, 6:16PM

This made me laugh on my walk with our dog Hogan today - seriously! You couldn't cut that small patch on the cusp of your property boundary??

Would it really hurt to just do it while you're already there? Does it irk you that much to do a nice thing for your next door neighbour. I mean it's pretty intentional to stop your mowing half way into the palm tree.

It's a little thing that could lead to a 'Thank-You' wave or smile from your neighbour, or next time they mow returning the gesture or.....thank you scones....oh my god there coulda been Thank You SCONES!

Don't be this neighbour! 

My man has always weed whacked around our neighbours letterbox, driveway and path while he's out there attacking the jungle that's always trying to encroach into our space. Six years of that, never a thanks, or reciprocated but hey, who cares, it's the right thing to do, he's already out there, takes an extra two minutes, if that. (still wouldn't mind #thankyouscones but, sure, sure...not expected lol)

One of our guys here a couple of weeks back got given a lawnmower by his neighbour moving out! He'd seen him struggling with a hand mower and said he wouldn't need it at his new property. Didn't ask for anything in return, handed it over, moved out.

Would LOVE to hear about you being a Neighbourly Neighbour or your neighbour being all amounts of awesome - Good karma, No drama!!

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Thumbs up to being nice xo - Estelle