Binge Watch - Giri/Haji on Netflix delivers the goods for a great binge watch

Publish Date
Thursday, 20 August 2020, 4:34PM

We were struggling for a good binge watch, my man has decided to hit Game of Thrones at long last, my bro and I are leaving him in the corner with his headphones on to go there.

Did some review research and found one that suggested Giri/Haji was an incredible watch with each episode leaving you hanging. Complex characters intertwined in a way they never should be.

Gangsters, violence, family, love, history, humour, incredibly well developed characters. It's shot beautifully has a great soundtrack and at times is really in your face. The writers have done an incredible job.

My bro and I loved it - maybe you will too.

Should mention there are subtitles, not the whole time, well worth sticking with it if subtitles sometimes put you off.

We watched it in Netflix.