Estelle - Adele magic and the Busker

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Monday, 27 March 2017, 5:43PM

Adele in NZ - whoop! Queen of sass and song.

A massive thank you to my friend Steph who managed to get tickets online and thought to buy extras for those of us who struggled. 

And Happy Birthday to my Mum for April - I'll re-wrap the Adele tickets so you have something to open on your actual bday hahaha.


The giant screen was fab and so engaging switching between images of her on stage and photos and graphics.

The 'When we were young' photo series definitely tugged at the heart strings.

The note I caught as they drifted in the wind around the stadium - seems fitting.

While joining the throng of foot traffic to get into Mt Smart Stadium Saturday night we were serenaded by this Adele Busker, hopeful for a ticket to see his idol or money to help purchase a last minute effort. How 'bout that velveteen dress?! 

Anyone know who this is? Did he manage to get in? I sure hope he did - Celebrate!

(on the off chance you know who this is flick me an email HERE - thanks! EC)