Estelle and Skye from Artemis discuss Liver detox

Publish Date
Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 8:36PM

Each fortnight Skye MacFarlane will join me to answer your health concerns and questions.

And for sharing with us and getting a question in you'll be in to win a $250 voucher from Artemis, fab!

In the very first episode of my Well-Being Club Skye and I discussed how you might recognise that you need a liver detox, why it's important to look after your liver and the fantastic Artemis teas that can help you with that.

Take a listen and get in touch HERE with your own health concerns, queries, questions.

Maybe an old wives tale/concoction you want to know about. Any issues you are having that you need advice on. Perhaps you are going through some sort of health journey at the moment and need some support with that.

Skye is a medical herbalist and naturopath and the training and education manager for Artemis and is happy to tackle any concerns/issues you may have. 

Artemis are also part of the Live Well Festival for 2017. Find out more about this awesome weekend HERE