Estelle shares a late night chat with her man ahead of Father's Day

Publish Date
Wednesday, 2 September 2020, 8:59PM

Both my man and I have lost our Dads.

Mine passed away during my 20's and he lived in Canada at the time. Because of that I think it took me awhile to understand it as reality and for me it was really tough to have him laid to rest over there, so far away from our Whenua. The biggest bit is alllll the things he has missed out on.

Perhaps a positive is the tighter relationship it has given me and the Cliff-sibs, our relationship isn't based through Dad as we've grown and become adults.

Gibby and I have celebrated Father's Day all the same, in memory of our own but also for Gibby to receive gifts from the fur-kids, they're pretty good at choosing things to gift too LOL.

Since the arrival of our baby Ava the role of parent has been an overwhelming joyride, with plenty of WTF?? moments, tears, worries, lack of sleep and huge pride in watching her grow.

Late last night I asked Gibby a few questions on what life has been like since becoming Ava's Dada. I hope it brings you a smile and love for whomever it is you celebrate this Father's Day