Estelle Speaks With NZ Male About Being An Early Childhood Teacher

Publish Date
Tuesday, 31 May 2016, 7:16PM

Had a chat recently with one of our awesome Hits listeners, he was on the bus heading home after a long day at work and when I asked where he worked he replied with

“I’m a teacher at an early childhood education centre”


I commented that I don’t know any guys who work in education.

In fact it’s been noted by a few of my friends with school aged kids that there are no male teachers at their kids schools at all.

Where are all the guys at?


Is there a stigma around men wanting to get into the education system?

Do we find it weird to drop our kids off to male teachers?

Do we need more male educators?


While I write this one of our staff members here has mentioned that her Dad is a reliever teacher but he doesn’t have many male colleagues in the staffrooms he frequents.


One of my favourite teachers at primary school was a Mr. He was fun and creative and seemed interested in everything and anything we did. It was exciting to be in his class.

That was the only male teacher I recall in the early years.


I spoke with Dave from Wellington again to share on air about what it’s like to work in an early childhood centre as a guy.

Does he feel there’s a stigma around male teachers?

How did he get into the industry and how do kids and parents react to him.