Estelle takes on the Mouth Painting Challenge

Publish Date
Wednesday, 4 September 2019, 9:55PM

Thursday 5th September is International Mouth and Foot Painters Day.

Tonight we were stoked to launch the Mouth Painting Challenge - An awareness-raising campaign in celebration of the day and the work MFPA does globally to ensure artists with disabilities have the opportunity to create, earn a reliable source of income from their art and live independent lives.

And as Grant Sharman, artist and International board member, says - there's a bigger story here of diversity, being inclusive and trying things out that a different to what you would usually do.

Art comes from the heart, not the hands.

Mouth painting advice - use the side of your mouth that matches the side you usually write with and clench it lightly with your teeth. There is likely to be dribble, just keep slurping...and have FUN!

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