Estelle's AbelTasman Cycle Challenge Sunday Session Training

Publish Date
Monday, 22 August 2016, 6:09PM

The Wattbike is at home and I'm wheeling it out onto the deck so I don't over heat inside and get to soak up the vibe of our backyard jungle.

Our dog Hogan thinks it's great but can't quite figure out why I won't throw his frisbee or ball while I'm there, we might need to DIY something that helps me with that.

It was a cruisey effort for Sunday. 9kms in 20 minutes, holding a pretty good pace, no hills attempted! And my left leg likes to take control lol!

I finished then checked updates on instagram to see my sister n law in Canada had just completed a 93km bike ride!!! WT?!

Think the wrong one of us is signed up to this cycle challenge, might need to get her back her in NZ to drag me behind her bike hahhaa.