Estelle's cycle challenge training motivated by a sunshiny weekend

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Monday, 12 September 2016, 7:55PM

Sometimes all you need to recharge the batteries is to see the sun in the sky and boy did it manage to show face at our place Saturday and Sunday.

Ok so some of the recharging was via my banana pikelets and crushed blueberries with maple syrup ha!

Cycled out a good 35kms of training on Wattie my Wattbike, for the Abel Tasman Cycle Challenge in December.

The hammies were really screaming by the time I also stacked a load of firewood we got dropped off - it may be spring (kinda) but still a few cooler nights to take care of.

I'm thinking of hooking up Hogan as my sleigh leader if it all goes to custard for the cycle challenge...what do ya reckon LOL!!