How Estelle found herself in the right place at the right time

Publish Date
Thursday, 8 September 2016, 5:42PM

While my man and I were taking our dog for a walk we saw this man pacing on his driveway. He looked anxious, upset and I could sense that he wanted to approach us. As we got closer he called out Hello and asked if we could do him a favour.

Of course, how can we help?

His car door was open and I initially thought perhaps he needs a hand getting his car to go or moved.

He then told us that he'd just had his old dog put to sleep and now wasn't able to carry him on his own from the lounge to the car.

Immediate tears.

I imagine it was a pretty surreal moment for him to have to approach strangers, walking their boisterous dog, to help him with such a devastating task. 

Of course, of course we will help.

I stayed outside keeping our boy calm and when Gibby and the man reappeared they had the old black lab on his bed, gently carrying him out.

He looked at peace. He was 14 years old and only a month ago was diagnosed with cancer, which attacked his body pretty fast. The man said in the last week or so he had lost control of his back legs. 

I have so much empathy for this guy, the loss of your best bud and having to make this decision is something that plays on your mind so much during what is already a really tough time. But I know anyone who has dedicated their life to a pet for the past 14 years would only ever make the right decision to stop any suffering. Still, not easy.

He thanked us as we left, he was heading to the crematorium. We held in our sobs til we got to the ball park with Hogan then bawled like babies.

Timing is everything huh?

And I'm glad we had been there - right time, right place.

By chance when I got home and did the usual phone checks, this video was the first thing I saw posted on Facebook - Again! Timing is EVERYTHING! 

'Sadness is poetic, you're lucky to live sad moments' - Louis CK.

I wanted to share this video with you in case you, or someone you know, is in a dark place and the sadness has been suppressed. To remind us all that we are lucky to have all the emotions we experience in life and that somewhere along the journey there too will be Happiness xo - Estelle