Is a friends Ex fair game when it comes to dating?

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016, 5:39PM

I got an email from 'Helena' she's seeing a guy who she says she is compatible with in ALL departments BUT.........yep there's a on and share your thoughts and experiences on this too. Maybe it'll help give her some clarity.


Estelle I’ve been seeing someone for the past couple of months.

We know each other really well. He used to date one of my friends for nearly two years!!

We all work for the same company, different floors thankfully because my friend's got her knickers in a twist over us seeing each other.

She says I already saw how he broke up with her so easily after two years, like he’d got bored, I should know better and stay away.

When they split she said he was selfish and bad in bed, it got really nasty. On Facebook as well.

Kind of cringey. But I get that it was a shock to her and breakups suck!


He and I reconnected at a dinner party.

Turns out we’re quite compatible, in all departments.

I’m not seeing him to hurt her in anyway, we just clicked and I promise it was months after they had split

There was never anything going on while she was with him.

I know it’s seen as disrespecting a friend to date someone they used to but I’m really into him.

Am I being a bad friend? 

Cheers 'Helena'.


Let's discuss 

Open Your Mind. Is it ever OK to date a friends ex? Doesn't it get awkward when you all see each other?

Have you ever dated a friends ex or been the one watching a friend hook up with your ex?

We'd love to hear what you think about this and any personal experiences you've had.

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