Open Your Mind - Estelle speaks with Rob about sleeping in the car with his family

Publish Date
Tuesday, 28 June 2016, 7:04PM

Over the weekend Estelle's friend Rob,his wife Jo and their two sons, Robbie and Ollie, took part in the event "Park up for Homes" outside Parliament. (as pictured)

As a family they were horrified to hear that 1% of NZ'ers are classed as homeless, that's over 40,000 people, and some of them are now living in their cars.

So Rob and his family wanted to experience living and sleeping in their car for themselves.

Turns out it wasn't quite the fun adventure the kids had in mind! But a very revealing way of life for a growing number of people in our communities.

Rob and Estelle talked about the event, how it left them feeling and what he thinks needs to be done to tackle this horrific situation for kiwi families.


Have you or anyone you know ever experienced being homeless?

What do you think the fix is?

Would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and experiences - from these we learn more so please feel free to share.

And a massive THANKS to Rob, Jo, Robbie and Ollie for sharing their 'Park up for Homes' experience and photo with us.

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