Open Your Mind with Estelle - 'Women losing who they are when they become parents'

Publish Date
Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 9:37PM

Sure there's a level of expectation that things won't be the same for you once you're a Mum or Dad, but dealing with the reality of that can be really hard.

And from a female's perspective, is it really the same for the guy/Dad? Does he really lose the same level of self as his partner?

I chatted with one of my besties, Heidi, about her feelings of losing her identity and sense of self and how as someone who works in a creative industry she really needed some of that back to cope with being a Mum.

So what are your experiences? When you had a baby did you feel like you'd lost your identity?

Did it worry you at all? What did you do to overcome that vibe?

Is it just a female thing or do guys feel the same way?

Always love hearing from you. 

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