Openside join Estelle to chat about their new single 'No Going Back'

Publish Date
Monday, 23 April 2018, 8:58PM

Possum and George from Openside came in to chat with Estelle about their new single that has just dropped 'No Going Back', we're loving this new tune!

Back in March they opened for Fall Out Boy, so what is it actually like to perform alongside one of your hero bands that you've fanned on for ages? 

Possum shares the story behind wriitng 'No Going Back' and if you've ever had an Ex then you'll definitely feel an instant connection to this new single.

Check out what George has to say on Possum bringing the rest of the band this kind of song....Love it!

You can discover more about Openside HERE and get amongst supporting our kiwi artist - Enjoy