She doesn't want to eat the animals!

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 9:22PM

This has inspired my Open Your Mind chat tonight, I saw her cute little face worried about the animals and it reminded me about my photography paper I did as a teenager where I chose to follow the life of a chicken!!

I was allowed to roam the Tegal processing factory to document with my camera. Having already declared I hated red meat and not eating any for a couple of years I soon gave up eating chicken too, much to the stress of my Mum!

I'm a pescatarian, or Pest-a-tarian some say. Fish and chicken are on the menu and my main instigator, as per my teen years, is coz I really don't like red meat. As I've got older I guess some of my eating choices revolve around being kind to animals and the planet, you become more aware of these things I guess and it affects your choices/decisions. Although this little girl is clearly motivated by the animals welfare from an early age!

So hit me with it - What motivated you to NOT eat the animals? Did something change for you?

Or, Meat eaters - could you ever cut it out altogether?

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