The Chachi Files - Drax Project 'Woke up Late'

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 November 2017, 8:27PM

Drax Project are a Wellington band who started off as a duo busking on the streets with drums and a sax. Trying out what worked, and what didn't, on a bar ready crowd.

Earning a reputation for epic covers the band has extended to four members - Shaan on saxophone, snyth and lead vocals. Matt drums. Ben guitar and vocals. Sam bass, snyth and vocals.

Their musical prowess and ability to play around with their sound is awesome. I really love what they've got going on.

They joined us in our video/recording studio to film some acoustic performances (which we'll share with you soon) and I grabbed them for a quick yarn on their new single and opening for Lorde while she's in NZ.

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