Trouble Finds a Girl - Estelle catches up with Jenny Mitchell & Tami Neilson

As we celebrate International Women's Day today, kiwi artists Jenny Mitchell & Tami Neilson release the music video for their powerful single Trouble Finds a Girl. It's an empowering anthem for all women. 

Estelle from the Night Show was invited along to be part of the music video, and described the experience as "It was amazing standing in that circle and singing it back to each other. Quite empowering."

The track was originally released back in October however due to reasons undisclosed, the music video was shot at a later date. The release of the music video on International Women's Day was the perfect fit for the 'feminist song' (as Tami's song would describe it). 

You can listen to Estelle's full interview at the top of this article, and check out the music video below - turn the volume up loud!

It's trouble's time to lose.