Try it Out Tuesday - 7 minute workouts for women

Publish Date
Tuesday, 21 May 2019, 8:34PM

So I get plenty of fresh air and cardio walking, occasionally jogging, with our dog Hogan but I totes need to up the anti and do some toning exercises.

After years of being an aerobics instructor I'm actually kinda over gyms, don't think they're for me anymore. And it can be 'spenny to join up to gyms, bootcamps and classes sooooooooooooo bring on an exercise app!

I've downloaded 'Workout for Women'

It was free, woohoo! And has so many workout options so keeping things fresh and changeable is easy. 

So #fitspo

Most workouts are 7minutes but they can vary up to 16-20mins. Focusing on targeted zones you want to work, variety is key and it has some really good stretch sessions too. I'm digging it.

Guys could totally do these exercises too but I think there is a targeted men's option if you were keen to look it up.

It guides you through the exercises, times you, details 'how to' if you need it. Blimin all at your fingertips. See ya later flappy chicken wings LOL