Try It Out Tuesday: A spray tan at *rubywaxx*

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 3:49PM

So I've never had a spray tan.


I'd anticipated orange Oompa Loompa colouring or a body building depth of tan, all very extremist.

And as someone with olive skin I figured it was a bit unnecessary.

However after mentioning to a few friends I'd never had one I was starting to think I was the only person in the world who hadn't gone there?

Paper g-string here I come.

Larissa at *rubywaxx* was the fantastic beautician to baby step me through the process. No point being shy peeps, get ya bits out and get on with it.

A pop up tent, hair net, paper g-string as anticipated and some cool, cool air is what spray tans are all about.

Getting handed the air gun minus the tanning solution at the end to dry your bits is as hilarious as it sounds. Then stand still for a few minutes with ballerina arms and legs get the modesty, and wahlah really, really tanned.

It's organic and works with your own skin tone, so Go my own skin tone!

Bit sticky through my show and desperate to shower that night but really happy with the overall colour. All the way up ya legs is nice!

I think I'd definitely do this again, perhaps ahead of our trip to Canada in July, our winter but their summer, so I'll get my summer glow on ahead of flight!

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