Try It Out Tuesday: Bra fitting with the fantastic Rose & Thorne team!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 March 2017, 5:12PM

A Bra Fitting. If you ever had one of those for your very first bra, I think my mum and the farmers lady called it a 'training bra', then it might conjure up some face-flushed memories.

One, that your family were noticing you were getting boobies. Two that you'd have to go into a changing room with a complete stranger telling you this ugmo white thing was perfect!

I feel like it's an experience that my mums generation had to endure along with those belts they tell you existed for their feminine products! And so needed to inflict some of that pain back onto their offspring.

Turns out once your 'boobies' have trained and grown into boobs, it's a good idea to have a fitting with someone awesome like Sue at Rose & Thorne. No tape measures as I had anticipated but a wealth of knowledge on how our bras should sit and fit and why we can change or fluctuate in sizes. Turns out it's all about the cut and shape and No it's not bad for you to wear an underwire bra all the time...unless it doesn't fit right!

So let's get it right.

The girls and I...both meanings of that....had a fab visit with Rose & Thorne. A bit of moving and prodding but all to produce a fit we felt really comfortable with. And check out all their amazing colours, little colour bug here in undies heaven ha. 

Bra fitting - Done

Highly recommend.

Better shape, feel, clothes sit nicer across bust and I'm a little bit matchy matchy 😉