Try it Out Tuesday - Cupcake Bouquet creation with Ash our Newsreader

Publish Date
Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 8:09PM

Ash is our Breakfast/Mornings Newsreader and we just so happened to pass each other at work one day with me hearing her say she was off to Spotlight to get the things she needed to create a Cupcake Bouquet for her Mum. Say what?! Oooohhh sounds amazing! So I asked her to be a star on Try it Out Tuesday and share her process for creating a Cupcake Bouquet.

So many great things you could use this for - Birthdays, Mothers Day, Baby Showers, Tea Parties, Just coz gifts ha!

Enjoy checking out Ash's instructions below and luck creating your own Cupcake Bouquet

What you'll need:

- Pot to hold the 'flowers'

- Ribbon to decorate (optional)

- Stones to weigh the pot down

- Hot glue gun - Polystyrene ball

- Toothpicks

- Un-iced cupcakes

- Piping bag and 1M tip

- Icing


Step one:
Pretty up the pot

Step two: weigh down the pot

(don't forget this step like I did because you'll have to go back and re-do it which is annoying and messy!)

Step 3: Glue on the polystyrene ball

Step 4: Make cupcakes!

Step 5: When cupcakes are cool, use toothpicks to attach them to the polystyrene ball

(use two picks for cupcakes along the bottom row so they don't fall off, one pick through the middle and one on an angle through the top edge)

Step 6: ice! Start from the middle of each cupcake and ice out to the edges with the 1M nozzle.

I used white, pink and red icing to avoid washing/changing piping bags

And Done!

Ash you are a STAR, it looks so pretty. Love it, thanks for sharing with us for Try it Out Tuesday xo Estelle