Try it Out Tuesday - Dans le Noir? Dining in the Dark at Rydges Auckland

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 7:12PM

What an amazing experience, possibly one of my all time faves.

I'd heard about Dining in the Dark via an article and I decided it was a must for Try it Out Tuesday.

Many thanks to Ana for booking us in so quickly and introducing us to what we were about to experience.

And a huge hug and thanks to Parveen who was our guide/host/waiter through dinner, you were fantastic, open and conversational, cheeky and informative and a whole heap of fun!

Instead of reading a menu and deciding what you'll order at Dining in the Dark at Rydges Auckland you choose from three options - Trust the Chef, Seafood or Vegan. You can choose two to five courses and wine pairings are also available.

We opted for one 'trust the chef' and one 'seafood' three course dinner with wine pairings for the first two courses.

There was a scatter of nervous and excited energy prior to us being lined up and led into the dark, that in itself is a great experience! As soon as we hit the darkness shoulders were squeezed harder and we shuffled in like people about to enter a haunted house.

Parveen joked and laughed and guided us so well, from the basics of sitting down in your chair, finding your table settings and pouring your own water to handing plates back and forth. He also shared how his life has changed and evolved since he lost his sight after an accident.

The conversation was giggly and fun and educational and crazy with a table full of people from all over the globe sharing in this intimate, challenging and unique dining evening. And plenty of laughs and goodbyes at the end once we were returned to the light.

My man and I highly recommend Dining in the Dark. If you ever get the chance to do it, maybe looking for something different as a gift, an anniversary celebration, make this your choice.

I could seriously talk on and on about this dinner, we LOVED it, life changing.....even through the initial nausea ha!

Find out more about Dining in the Dark HERE and take a listen to our night out above - Estelle