Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle and her Bestie get mudding

To celebrate my besties bday this year we decided we needed a girls weekend.

Shelley threw a pin at the map, it landed on Rotorua and the booking of accommodation and travel was locked in before anyone could change their minds or book us for something else.

Saturday late arvo we took ourselves out to Hells Gate to try out the mud and sulphur pools. Louis Litt would be so proud, yay mudding!! I used to holiday as a kid a lot in Rotorua coz one of my Nanna's lived there but I'd never had a mud soak in all those years. Shame about it coz it's soooo good.

The mud is not sticky and thick like you might think it is, more like stepping into a cloudy, greyish thermal pool with the mud having a consistency similar to cornflour. It's soft and silky and your skin feels amazing when you wash it off.

Highly recommend if you ever get a chance to try it yourself. #bliss