Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle makes beeswax foodwraps

I'm so proud of myself that these actually worked out. I'd done a lot of reading and research on how to make beeswax wraps and some of the techniques seemed tricky, long winded, and involved pine rosin/resin - conflicting reviews on whether to use that stuff or not but once I read the bit that said 'incredibly hard to get off if you splash it on something you don't want it on' - yea naaaah for me.

So I've stuck with the beeswax and jojoba ingredients to melt down and cover clean cotton material with.

Apparently the jojoba oil just helps add some softness and flexibility to the cloth. It is pricey but you don't need too much. 

It's a full circle of life here from my mate Gary doing his beekeeper thing and making honey (featured on One News today! See HERE)

To me taking the bee byproduct/waste of honeycomb rendering it down (see that process via a past TIOT Here)

To now gathering all the other bits and bobs to make my own beeswax wraps to replace gladwrap and plastic waste, love it!!

It's messy crafting at it's best.

Definitely cover everything in baking paper and use utensils you can keep for solely this purpose.