Try it Out Tuesday - Estelle tries out some Summer Vibe Mocktails

If you're wanting to change things up a bit for your summer drinking perhaps a zingy, fresh 'mocktail' is what you need?

I've seen heaps of recipes around for tasty non-alcoholic drinks but besides a lemonade or plain ginger beer I've never really had a go at making a mocktail.

Time to change it up. I've got heaps of mint growing in our garden so a Faux-Jito came to mind - lots of mint and ginger-beer, but it felt like too obvious of a combo to try so instead my man and I mixed up and swilled on 'Strawberry Coconut Coolers' and 'Going Troppo' mocktails.

Maybe you're wanting something different in between alcoholic beverages, you've given up the booze, don't drink or are keen to surprise guests with some different types of drinks. Here's a couple of ideas and our thoughts after tasting.